School Mission/Philosophy

Sovereign Medical Solutions, LLC strives to provide a Medical Coding Education Program that enables and empowers students to achieve their full potential by providing the AAPC® Curriculum and an educational environment that fosters collaboration and respect for others and is designed for students who possess both the motivation and the ability to pursue a rigorous Medical Coding Program.


Sovereign Medical Solution’s instructor is licensed by the AAPC to instruct the AAPC® Official Curriculum and holds the following licensures/certifications:

RN:             Registered Nurse                                                   State of Delaware (1991)

CCS:           Certified Coding Specialist                                   AHIMA   (2011)

CCDS:        Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist     ACDIS   (2011)

CPC:           Certified Professional Coder                               AAPC   (2009)

CPC-I:        Certified Professional Coder Instructor           AAPC   (2012)

CIC:            Certified Inpatient Coder                                      AAPC   (2015)


I was so fortunate to take an AAPC Medical Coding class taught by Lynn Busby.  I was able to take the class in the comfort of my home.  Classes were taught by live instruction with lots of interaction and ability to ask questions.  Lynn is extremely organized and presented the material in a manner that was easily understood.  Lynn was always accessible to us and eager to answer our questions.  Lynn's vast knowledge and her effective teaching skills gave me the confidence to sit for my certification exam.  I am proud to say that I passed my certification exam on the first try and am a Clinical Investigator reviewing medical claims for a major insurance company.  Thank you Lynn!                                 Dianne Deeney, RN, BSN, CPC

I strongly recommend Lynn Busby as a wonderful teacher. She teaches in a way that is understandable and clear.  I could stay home and take the class without having to travel. She was available to ask questions and gave extra credit.  All sessions started on time and time was carved out for questions and answers. I, personally, had never taken a remote course and it had been years since I have taken a course of this kind, and I was able to pass my exam on the first try.  I truly believe this is because of her excellent instruction. 

Patricia A. Hurley RN CPC

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